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Welcome to HUMATERA 

This portal will take you directly to our corporate relations site. Here you can learn about Humatera, see examples of our past multimedia work, and most importantly, contact and HIRE US for your projects.


Music is what sparked it all for HUMATERA! Take a journey with us through music discovery, production tutorials, share in conversations and music culture. and basically all topics related to the music production and DJ business.


Welcome to HARDnFAST Truth

This portal brings you to a place of political and social discovery. Here is a fringe news site that is not bound by political correctness or mainstream agendas, rather a focus on TRUTH. No matter how HARD or FAST the truth may be, it is our mission to distribute it to those who seek it.

!Warning! This is not a "safe space", so if the truth is uncomfortable for you, you may reconsider entering.

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